For Educators

Reflections & Resources for Those Who Teach Sex Ed

Adapted from work by my colleague, Health Educator Eveline Buehlmann.

Reflecting on the following questions can  help guide your approach to sex education.


1. Who am I in this work? What identities do I hold? What privileges and experiences of oppression shape my understanding of sex education? How can I better understand and bring in other perspectives?

2. What assumptions do I hold about sex education? What was I taught? How have my experiences shaped my values, biases and assumptions?

3. How do I create safer spaces in my classroom for youth who have experienced trauma? 

4. What frameworks and core principles are essential for comprehensive sex education with youth? How does my lesson plan reflect those principles? 

  • Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights (Action Canada) "Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights is a progressive, pro-choice organization committed to advancing and upholding sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada and globally." -Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

    • Beyond the Basics "Beyond the Basics is a resource for educators on sexuality and sexual health. It offers the tools to teach young people about sexuality and sexual health from a sex positive, human rights perspective. It covers topics that range from anatomy to consent and healthy relationships and is written to easily move in and out of chapters, modules, and activities that suit the particular age, maturity, and trust in each classroom." - Action Canada
      The book has a companion guide of activities that can also be purchased. You can also join an online hub for educators to network and share ideas!
    • The State of Sex Ed Report "This report presents information on Comprehensive Sexuality education (CSE)—what it is, why it matters, and why it is a human right."  This report presents presents findings on the state of sex-ed across Canada and the ongoing impacts of sub-standard sex-ed." - Action Canada
  • Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN): Sexual Health Education This link will take you to a variety of Sex Education resources, including information about Sex Education and COVID-19; as well as the following 2 resources
  • Let's talk about sexual health education: Youth Perspectives on their learning experiences in Canada This article explores ten themes related to the context, delivery and content of sexual health education.

Middle Years Resources

Eveline Buehlmann on Kahoot! Modules and games on sexual health topics such as values, consent, wellness, relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, substance use, and more. Comprehensive, age-appropriate, and medically-accurate sexual health videos for
tweens aged 10-14, along with resources for educators and parents. for Educators Classroom resources to integrate videos into your lesson plan.

Every Body Curious Amazing Sex Educators Nadine Thornhill and Eva Bloom
star in these amazing videos about sexuality and healthy relationships for youth, ages 9-12.